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We love working and sharing with others.

Collaboration and bespoke services include the development of patterns and colours for all projects with a sustainable focus related to organic textiles and natural dyes to help clients who want to source sustainably while respecting our planet.


We are committed to adding our brick to the foundation of a revitalised and thoughtful reflection of fashion and its role for a sustainable planet; creating unique garments and textiles that in their process with no waste, low carbon footprint, locally sourced and sustainable.

Some of our services include:

  • Sampling

  • Bespoke garments

  • Art installations

  • Workshops

  • Colour sampling

  • Bridal service

  • Textile home decor 

  • Productions

  • Upcycling 

Our techniques include:

  • Bundle dye

  • Botanical-print

  • Shibori

  • Air brush

  • Hand painting

  • Ombré

  • Ice dyeing

  • experimental

  • Ink making

  • Screen printing

  • Blue bacteria dye

We’d love to hear about your project!

Flowers Xray

Our clients & collaborations

FCI Fashion School.botanical dyes workshop
LCB-exhibition #fashion contour, footwear & fashion design
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